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  • Volunteer while on holiday

    Volunteer for one-day of your holiday and enrich your life and the lives of others

  • Educate

    Volunteer for one-day of your holiday and help to deliver educational play to children who have little or no access to education

  • Preserve

    Or you can choose to volunteer to help a charity that protects and preserves the environment, reducing your carbon footprint

  • Empower

    By volunteering with us, you will enable us to support local communities by creating sustainable futures through skills training and development

  • Experience

    By volunteering one-day out of your holiday, you will be immersed into a new culture and learn from the local people you wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to meet

  • Glow

    By volunteering and helping others, you will return from your holiday with a glow better than any suntan

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Enrich your holiday experience

Holiday with a Heart organises one day volunteering opportunities for you to add to your existing holiday. Our volunteer experiences mean that you can help local charities with volunteer support, while leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime.

We have two types of one day volunteering experience available for you to take part in, either a 'People' project that helps children who have little or no access to education or one of our 'Planet' projects that protect and preserve the environment or help animal conservation charities.

We provide you with everything that you need throughout the day and we will also pick you up from your hotel and drop you safely home at the end of your experience. We provide you with all the advice, direction and support you need to make a real difference and we promise you will come home with a glow better than any suntan.

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